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About Internet Hog

Gigabit. It's a word synonymous with forward-thinking communities. Technically speaking, a gigabit is a multiple of the unit byte for digital information. One Gigabit is 1,000,000,000 (1 BILLION) bits! What does that mean? In one word, SPEED. Citynet's Gigabit Network provides the fastest Internet available, and that speed is delivered over fiber-optic cable; providing extreme reliability.

The ultra-high data capacity provided through a gigabit broadband connection allows users to stream high-definition video content without delays and download movies, songs and TV shows in seconds. Families who have multiple devices connected to the Internet will have more than enough capacity and speed to support other uses of broadband such as online gaming, home automation, security, and increasingly important cloud services.

In early 2013 the FCC issued the Gigabit City Challenge, encouraging every state in the country to have at least one community where gigabit broadband service is available to everyone.

In 2014, Citynet started working with the City of Bridgeport to provide gigabit Internet service. The pilot phase of the Internet Hog service in Bridgeport launched in 2015. After the pilot proved successful the service was expanded, and Citynet is now providing Fiber Broadband Internet, phone and streaming TV services to much of the City. The cooperation and foresightedness of Citynet and the City of Bridgeport proudly made Bridgeport, West Virginia the first Gigabit City in the state of West Virginia.

Citynet's CEO, Jim Martin, continues to be a prominent figurehead in the effort to bring affordable, quality broadband Internet to all of West Virginia. His vision and dedication to this issue is the backbone of the Internet Hog service and of its expansion to other areas of the state. In addition to Bridgeport, Citynet also provides its gigabit Internet, phone and TV services to the City of Philippi, and to Snowshoe Mountain Resort, making it the first Gigabit Resort in West Virginia.